Pasadena '66 Quiz
1.  How much did an In-N-Out double-double cost?

2.  What was the name of the event where many kids took dancing lessons?

3.  What car model stole the show at the 1964 PHS car show?

4.  What was the top rock'n roll song?

5.  What super hero debuted on TV?

6.  What famous animator died?

7.  What famous athelete got their 1-A draft notice and refused to report?

8.  What movie won Best Picture at the Academy awards?

9.  What fancy movie theater was located on Raymond Street, just north of Colorado?

10.  What hardware store was the smallest, but the best?

Raymond Theatre

1a.  60 cents

2a.  Cotillion

3a.  Ford Mustang

4a.  Sounds of Silence/Simon & Garfunkel; We can work it out/The Beatles

5a.  Batman

6a.  Walt Disney

7a.  Muhammamad Ali

8a.  Sound of Music

9a.  The Crown

10a.   Berg Hardware