Our Food
 Bob's Drive-in, East Pasadena

Car service!  The food was important but we wanted to see and be seen!

... oh boy big boy! Bob's Big Boy Menu from the 60'sYou buyin'?

Bob's Big Boy  1969

 Shakey's Pizza on Foothill?

Shakey?s Pizza Parlors (1966) My first introduction to pizza!

 A & W (1965)
Why not quaff a few?  Getting a float?  Remember the mash-potato fries?

Vintage menu from our Clarkston, Washington A circa 1960!

Image result for pasadena 1966  sizzler steakhouseImage result for pasadena 1966  sizzler steakhouse
Dave Munson's favorite sit-down restaurant

In-N-Out Burger - Baldwin Park, CA, United States
Seriously; how much money and time did you spend here?

If you were desperate and didn't have enough dough:
1960s hamburgers for $.25!
prices in the 60s~
McDonald?s Big Mac (1969)

Saw these in other cities, but not Pasadena.

Wear your menu like a hat kids!

Did your parent's ever take you here?  Did you eat all the wrapped sugar cubes on the table like my brothers and I did?

How about here?