Pasadena Puzzles
Pasadena tour

1.  What was Pasadena called before it got that name?

2.  What grand Pasadena hotel hosted many rich and famous people (and has curved windows)?

3.  From what state did most of the early settlers come from?

4.  Where do street numbers originate from in town (Which streets demarcate north, south, east and west?)

5.  What day of the week can never have a Tournament of Roses Parade?

6.  How many sister cities does Pasadena have and what are they?

7.  How many people have jumped to their death from the California bridge on west Colorado street?

8.  What is the oldest comedy club in America?

9.  Name 6 styles of home architecture that can be found in Pasadena.

10.  What does the name "Pasadena" mean?

(answers below)

The 2015 Rose Parade

Ever drive this way to school?

1a.  Pasadena used to be called the San Gabriel Orange Grove Association but was named as Pasadena in 1875.

2a.  The Green Hotel

3a.  Indiana

4a.  Colorado and Fair Oaks, because the first General Store and Post Office were there.

5a.  Sunday

6a.  Five sister cities:  Ludwigshafen, Germany; Mishima, Japan; Jarvaenpaa, Finland; Vanadzor, Armenia; Beijing, China.

7a.  200

8a.  The Pasadena Ice House

9a.  Victorian, American Gothic, Craftsman, Bungalow, Spanish, English Tudor

10.The word Pasadena literally means "valley" in the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian language, but it has been interpreted to mean "Crown of the Valley" and the "Key of the valley, hence the adoption of both the crown and the key in the official city seal.

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