Bulldogs Beware!  Some airline ticket websites are now using software that keeps track of viewers like you and I.  The software keeps track of the number of visits you've made to their website and then raises the price each time you come back, regardless of the demand.  The way to get around this is to do your browsing "incognito" on Google.  Here's a website that explains how you can do this:
Your autofill function won't work while in incognito mode but you can easily fill in user names and passwords by hand for the brief time you're using it.
Important Notice:  The Reunion Committee will NOT be reserving a block of rooms at any hotel for '66 classmates.  
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Clear skies. Low near 50F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.
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Sunny skies. High near 80F. NNE winds shifting to WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Winds 25-40 mph in and below canyons and passes.
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